Walking away from BSN

It’s Friday in Malaysia, so you’d expect things to be a bit different. But I was not ready for the bank to be closed. BSN apparently is above the financial crisis hitting the world, and above the fear of losing customers in a shrinking capital base, and above being afraid of closing down.

They are after all guaranteed by the Malaysian government. Continue reading “Walking away from BSN”

It will be still for now

KT (by-election) is over. There will be much talking over it — but we are about to get into a lull of political activities.

Malaysian politics has always been driven by events since the general passivity of the people requires events to overwhelm them before they respond in opposition to the ruling class.

Honestly. Continue reading “It will be still for now”

Hudud: A national referendum needed

Let’s get to it.  A national referendum on the acceptability of Hudud.

The Hudud — in as much as people understand it, Muslim or not — has to be resolved, well at least for this generation.

Umno and Pas are stuck by its religious significance and political merit, but neither is actually willing to engage it in a meaningful way. Continue reading “Hudud: A national referendum needed”

Little help for Gaza from Umno

The Gaza bombing by Israel is cruel and indiscriminate. The belligerence of the Hamas and its brigade of rocket launchers are facts too. With the exception of a small select group, everyone takes sides.

Yet the loss of life on the Palestinian side is phenomenally disproportionate compared to the Jewish state.

I’m not going to examine why Malaysia sides the Palestinian cause, but I am curious on how we set out to aid the situation – Umno politicians in particular. Are they helping or just trying to look like they are? Continue reading “Little help for Gaza from Umno”

2008 in review Pt 4: Umno, PKR and tentativeness

(Four parts : This 4th part looks the Umno nominations and the year end subterfuges)

The final quarter of 2008 was a bit of getting back to old basics, but with a twist.

When Umno elections are around the corner, all party members let go of all other preoccupations and focus on it. A position in the party, gives you political import. It is so vital to political viability that players would give up their place in parliament if it meant keeping your supreme council seat. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 4: Umno, PKR and tentativeness”