Little help for Gaza from Umno

The Gaza bombing by Israel is cruel and indiscriminate. The belligerence of the Hamas and its brigade of rocket launchers are facts too. With the exception of a small select group, everyone takes sides.

Yet the loss of life on the Palestinian side is phenomenally disproportionate compared to the Jewish state.

I’m not going to examine why Malaysia sides the Palestinian cause, but I am curious on how we set out to aid the situation – Umno politicians in particular. Are they helping or just trying to look like they are?

Like a neighbour who ransacks his house looking for his car-keys to take his dying neighbour while knowing very well the keys are on the kitchen table, buying time till someone act and hoping to get brownie points for intending to help.

A UN council resolution

Malaysia joining the nations seeking an immediate UN Security Council resolution to demand the ceasing of Israeli hostility is correct.

So I’ll mark that as substantive, but it is only natural and led by major Arab and Muslim countries.

Islamic peacekeeping

Zahid Hamidi, minister in the prime minister’s department in charge of Islamic Affairs called for setting up of an Islamic peacekeeping force.

Do pray tell, how will it operate?

It sounds noble, but when did the Muslim nations have a commitment to a major peace initiative through the placing of peacekeepers and assume the lead?

Pakistan played a limited role in Somalia and Bangladesh has known to send men, both they are as supporting cast and not as leads. The cost of being the lead is enormous and no Muslim country will bear it, irrespective of whether Israel agrees to these peacekeepers – like in Lebanon.

There is a good reason for Jordan, Egypt and Syria being reserved with the situation, as they know first hand how things can be sticky even if the conflict is at their doorsteps.

Muslim nation participation will be through the auspices of the UN or the US, and not as a stand alone.

Malaysia itself won’t enter any situation the US is not willing to underwrite in case of failure or our meek withdrawal.

Boycott US.. and emm

Joy-master Mahathir Mohamad decides that we all need to boycott American products. America backs Israel unconditionally therefore hurting the US is akin to hurting Israel.

Except for the inconvenient fact of the US being our biggest trading partner. The US economy is ailing, but it is far more resilient than ours.

I’d love to read the comments on his website from his sycophants who would say “Oh Tun that” and “or Tun that”, but I fear for my mental wellbeing.

Would any of them consider the practicalities of the measure? Mahathir’s “it would hurt, but it is the price of doing the right thing” is pretty rich considering he flies first class, along with his family and cronies.

If we don’t want to buy American goods, we must also in principle agree to not manufacture American products since they will be bought by many, therefore channelling money to Israel.

It is just plain absurd.

Don’t go and stop buying coke for a week and pride yourself in the mirror for wrecking havoc on the US economy.

We’d also have to besides stop going to the cinema, switch off our HBO, Cinemax, ESPN and yes yes, Disney. You might as well return your Astro decoder.

I’d love to see Mahathir on his next visit to Ananda Krishnan to bring his grandchildren along and help them hand over all the Mahathir clan decoders.

But more so, if the focal point is the US neither denounces or refrains from supporting Israel, then most of the European Union and G20 nations are equally complicit.

That would mean Mahathir has to ask Malaysians to excuse themselves from their favourite British product, the English Premier League matches.

Mahathir knows all that, he just wants to pander to the gallery. That is how he kept in power for 22 years, make threats he would never ever carry out. But boy does he not enjoy making them!

Israel then, for a boycott

The council of former parliamentarians and assemblymen from the BN benches – Mubarak – as if the underline why they are no more in parliament or in any state assembly, called for the boycott of Israeli products.

That would be tough right, since we don’t have trade relations with Israel, or do we?

Someone is stupid here. Either a) there is substantial trade and the Mubarak call makes sense, in which case they should highlight to us these pervasive products or b) They are just trying to be cute.

And if the latter then this BN government has been trading with Israel, probably indirectly. How about that?

So seriously, maybe we should start looking at Egypt for a change. Their trade minister was just here yesterday.

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