It will be still for now

KT (by-election) is over. There will be much talking over it — but we are about to get into a lull of political activities.

Malaysian politics has always been driven by events since the general passivity of the people requires events to overwhelm them before they respond in opposition to the ruling class.



The Tsunami in March last year (thanks Star for the phrase) was a complete surprise to the average Malaysian, not to the neutral observer not bred in our cross-wired nation.

Take 10 percent of what has happened in Malaysia over the last decade, and any government would have long fallen.

Analysts say that you deserve the government you elect, and probably true enough a statement, but how would you address a Malaysian people who have been through guided rule indefinitely? From the Brits to Umno led governments, people in this country have not known anything other a determined and ruthless feudal class.

The nation was in the throes of being led to independence by the left. The British with their complicit underlings — Umno leaders serving the crown — cleared by means of force, draconian laws and intimidation for an independent future fully dependent on the party of the feudal class.

The overwhelming nature of the conditioning of the people, in terms of education, policy and enforcement agencies, rendered million incapable of responding to Umno, other than mutter in silence.

Fast forward to the now, we are stuck with inaction. The Malaysian is more willing to let someone get things done than lead the march.

I hear the general unease with the relative disorganisation of the new people in power.

How DAP are novices in state governance. That the Hudud will haunt Pas’ relationship with DAP. PKR’s relative lack of ideology other than what it has inherited from Parti Rakyat Malaysia.

These allegations are true.

But surely my friends, my countrymen, my voters, you have to ask yourself, honestly — after two generations of systematic clampdown of process and ideas built initiatives in the mainstream; which these new players were denied access to previously or were ignorant of while being within the system, how can you expect them to be ok instantly?

Khairy Jamaluddin caught the Pas guys with the Hudud in his forum appearance in Kota Bahru before the by-election. Husam Musa’s ill-thought answer to Hudud is reflective of our reservoir of debate being so unused or availed, that those who partake are bound to be abject novices.

Khairy just took advantage of the nous he had and lacking in Husam.

Inventory take

There is a long awaited break for Malaysian politicians.

Things will heat up for Umno first. There is party elections, and in it is everything. Loses will end the political careers of Muhyiddin Yassin, Ali Rustam, Rafidah Aziz and even people like Jamaluddin Jarjis.

Any fissure in the lead up to the party elections will open up the possibility of splits in the party.

It is from the party election results that the next developments hinge on.

Put plenty of money on Umno getting unhinged in those steps to the election. Money will fly at a velocity which would relegate the KT by-election to a side-show.

The people

They will watch on. Taking time to adjust their lives to other economic realities while Umno brands or reinforces its old image in the months to come.

If anything you can wait for the people to be still while all that goes on.

They are Malaysians, remember.

But their patience with Umno has run out a long time ago, and for those who have stepped away from Umno’s vision for Malaysia, they won’t return for a long time to come.

Yet, we are for a lull… for a month at least.

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