Sorry about the world, Eli

This is not an objective posting, so I’ll let the reader choose not to read on, if they are right winged and suppor the “values” ticket.

My friend Eli Wong, is in a bad place now, and she did nothing. That is what the world is about sometimes, it punishes you for doing nothing.

The way things are in this country, especially if you are in the opposite camp to BN, you have to be beyond reproach in the real and unreal sense – if not they come to fry you.

The next few days will be telling, and I hope that Eli just gets through the storm unscathe and is led to decide or declare what she is not ready to decide or declare. Continue reading “Sorry about the world, Eli”

Mad Men run ending

On the front page of Utusan Malaysia — as their second headline — the second headline was for The Herald to be banned.

The question is, how does — forget the various yahoos putting their views out in that paper — a newspaper with supposedly learned people live with its glaringly weak sense of, intelligence?

What are the real stakes in this debate. Continue reading “Mad Men run ending”