Mad Men run ending

On the front page of Utusan Malaysia — as their second headline — the second headline was for The Herald to be banned.

The question is, how does — forget the various yahoos putting their views out in that paper — a newspaper with supposedly learned people live with its glaringly weak sense of, intelligence?

What are the real stakes in this debate.

A false sense of ownership.

But I am going to avoid the pitfalls of talking about God, but rather talk about rights.

Who has rights?

Are rights different to different people in a system?

There has to be a basis to test.

Abstract tracts

What is alarming in Malaysia is the inexplicable way for a person to explain things, by speaking in the abstract.

The key argument often an abstraction.

Try this.

The word in contention, if used would offend the feelings of most Muslims. Qualify offend, qualify feelings?

Better still, qualify most Muslims.

The whole platform is filled with throwaway arguments. They are not arguments really.

Pewaris a week ago made a thinly veiled threat that Indians should cease to have a go at the police for the A Kugan death. Why is a Muslim NGO so upset that a community that has had one of their one die under highly suspicious conditions under police care raise noise over it?

Is Pewaris making the statement that making attacks against the Police is making an attack on Muslims? Would that also mean they believe the police force is Muslim?

Why, explain.

“A” Level students in sub-par programmes are expected to give more rationale than the Malay Right in this country.

Half century free run

It all comes down to 50 years of unhindered space for their ideas. They have made spurious statements, incendiary speeches and threatened violence over some of the most meaningless things, and they get away with it.

Two generations of stupid getting its space.

Mind you, they have always been a small, small minority. They probably find their only gainful employment in Biro Tata Negara, but they always get the loudhailer courtesy of an Umno government.

Always keen on letting the Right speak as much as they want, so that the “moderates” that lead Umno can come out pacify everyone. Mind you, they never attack the Ultras.

The real truth is, The Herald is just a manifestation of a changing world.

The ability to shut ideas is improbably in the digital age.

How do you win anything by limiting the diction of a small Catholic weekly, when so many ideas repugnant to these detractors are readily available on the net?

Their ideas and thoughts are challenged daily and consistently.

Brings a question to me: If the Malay right, could put the internet into a pyre, would they burn it?

I mean Nero did try to burn Rome down. And the Roman empire never actively used the Arab variation of Yahweh.

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