Sorry about the world, Eli

This is not an objective posting, so I’ll let the reader choose not to read on, if they are right winged and suppor the “values” ticket.

My friend Eli Wong, is in a bad place now, and she did nothing. That is what the world is about sometimes, it punishes you for doing nothing.

The way things are in this country, especially if you are in the opposite camp to BN, you have to be beyond reproach in the real and unreal sense – if not they come to fry you.

The next few days will be telling, and I hope that Eli just gets through the storm unscathe and is led to decide or declare what she is not ready to decide or declare.

If you are Eli’s friend or supporter, you got to get her time.

Time helps the issue become less sensational.

Time enables the larger population to work to the core of the issue after the issues’ novelty wears off.

Time allows for saner ideas to present themselves so that we all can reflect that we too can be that victim.

The great thing about today, and yes there has been silver linings, people have not overreacted.

When ex-minister Chua Soi Lek was embroiled in his video scandal, the matter was less about the recording of his misadventures, but more of his moral choices to veer away from his matrimonial bed. The tape culprits ended up caught by the law, but the public apprehensions were with his lifestyle choices.

I agree that those issues themselves can be argued as being massively tied to obsolete values linked to conventional marriage and family.

Those issues are non-issues in the story of Miss Eli Wong.

She is good for Malaysian politics. And we all will become better people by knowing her. There are detractors, but I’d think even they would admit her belief in her causes are real and built on a long period of self-examination. She does not hold her political principles for fun.

And we all can use a person like her on our side.

My regret is, most of us on her side, are struggling to do enough for her.

The next few days are a test of us, not her. If we can get the better parts of ourselves in the driving seat and not become party to a trial by media.

Those who can speak up, should speak up, over and over.

Those who are offended without reason, can do themselves a favour by thinking about this development a little more.

Those who are going to feel happy with Eli’s predicament, shame on you.

We need to keep this lady in our public service, for our own sakes.

Let’s all see the next few days out.

2 thoughts on “Sorry about the world, Eli

  1. Eli is probably one of the best new assembly-woman i have ever seen or dealt with in Malaysia. And she needs to know all of Malaysia are supporting her.

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