Miss always the prodigal son

It does not make sense. The more I look and think about it. But ah, in Malaysia, rules of causality are chucked out of the window.

The way I can fathom Umno, and please correct me or assist me in my ignorance, is that they perceive right and wrong as pre-defined goods.

You don’t need to act in order to be right, you are just right or wrong, depending on which side of the fence you are sitting.

Their mass consciousness is, as Umno is in the right, then any mistakes by it, in it and about it are all just minor infractions that do not reduce the rightness of Umno. A prodigal son of sorts.

Which makes everyone not Umno, not the prodigal son.

Which actually explains everything.

The whole, ‘have the cake and eat it too’ attitude they show.

Zambry ‘not sure if he is MB’ Abdul Kadir’s : The last election has taught us to listen more to the people, and indeed my increased majority in Pangkor shows I listen to the people. Umno needs to stay with the times, yet when it comes to using the court, police and every member of the civil service, we’ll run roughshed on all of you.”

The number of Umno ministers being offended with the ‘under the tree’ assembly of the perak legislative.

They are right, it does not happen in most countries.

In most countries, legislators and their speaker are not shut out of the assembly building by the police and civil servants serving them.

So why the surprise?

I think the real issue, the real bit that Umno lads want to say is, “When we determine your station, your power limits, your right to voice, your right to be right; why do you guys challenge us? I just accept and live in the space remaining.”

It is no other way to understand the Umno think than that, and I am pretty sure it is an estimate not too far from their own evaluation of their party.

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