The return of the gane

Two hours ago, the guy who helped set up this blog for me quipped, well it was more of a rant – that I had to write more.

That’s pretty incisive advice, even if I’ll leave the language he used to get the point across.

So as most aspirations, desires or hopes in life, I’ll begin with a pledge, one that comes with a qualifier.

The ideas are clearly in my head and they occupy a massive amount of my daily life, so I’ll just have to put them down, without making the judgement for my readers (as few as they may be). They can choose to read or not.

The gane (that is me, and the small cap for a  proper noun is intentional) will write, often and let everything else fall into its own place by its own grace.

Cheers. That is a long way to say, I am back.

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