Najib: Oh my god, it’s a Thai scramble

What went in Najib’s mind when protestors broke into the Asian Summit venue?

I don’t know, but not knowing does not generally stop me from guessing, and so here you have, your top ten “things that probably went through Najib’s head when the Thaksin supporters burst-in inside the venue of the Asean summit in Bangkok”.

No. 10 What you mean your riot police don’t beat crowds then use tear gas/water cannons on them nor do they arrest opposition leaders?

No. 9 Is this an Umno youth drill?

No. 8 Will this delay dinner?

No. 7 Blue Ocean strategy, using the strategy canvas and taking these protestors as an untapped market, moving away from tapped markets like lepers and serial killers…

No. 6 How many of these protestors are ethnic Thais or citizens who are both Buddhist and practice Buddhist culture (constitutional Thais) and did they post this event in facebook first?

No. 5 Why, some of these protestors are pretty young things.

No. 4 If your PM is not willing to listen to you, write to my blog – I listen to all.

No. 3 I should have sent Muhyiddin.

No. 2 This is like real life Muay Thai

No. 1 They call this a riot, they call this a riot? You should see Rosmah tell me how to run the country.

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