The hell of KL driving, thanks for the fish PDRM

APRIL 15 — The key purpose of traffic laws is to enable the smoothest and safest road transportation of all people.

It begins with that, and it must most often stay with that.

Laws that forget the underlying goals of the body of laws they belong to, can quickly become impediments to the very thing intended.

So let’s transpose that to the everyday reality of traffic management in KL, and the laws which are selectively.

KL is for most people, on most days a nightmare at certain times of the day.

Some of it is down to limited infrastructure. You can only put that many cars through limited lanes. And intersections can not always be averted by the construction of flyovers.

However much of the problem can be mitigated by better employment of laws and those who enforce it.

For example Bangsar Road. The New Pantai Expressway (NPE) ends abruptly at the mouth of the road and things revert back to a three lane road, coupled with vehicles from the old pantai road joining into Bangsar Road heading towards the city.

We can make civil engineering arguments later, but why are vehicles parked haphazardly by the shops along the road, which effectively reduces the road into two lanes.

That happens daily.

That is just an example of occurrences all over the city. The police know where the pressure points are, but many times we just see them going about ticketing people in the wrong ends of the city.

Saturdays are frightening for those making their way through Jalan Hang Tuah (formerly Shaw Road) through to Jalan Imbi, because there are, yes, haphazard parking in the Imbi stretch facing Berjaya Timesquare.

The theme here is, the police are justified in arguing that there are personnel shortages, but that does not reduce their culpability in not minding the trouble spots in the city.

I mean, Metro buses consider some of the most congested parts of KL as their parking spots, just stalling wherever they feel like it, and untouched by the police.

The questions have been asked, and many of us are always at the receiving end, yet the police are quite indifferent to our pleas.

So yes, while other problems are there to be handled, whether it is unconsciousness or just sheer ignorance, KL traffic policemen are failing us.

They are particularly good however at one thing. They are brilliant at it actually.

Escorting VIPs through the streets of KL, whenever, however.

Of course the various ministers in BN would be bemused when you make a point that traffic is murder. They see you are still alive and they see themselves very well and alive in their nice cars being escorted by very polite policemen.

The shoddiness is reserved for the rest of us.

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