Bugger 7-Eleven

May 22 — Drink up mate, before 7-Eleven gets you! Diabolical as it may sound, the leading convenience store franchise has come out strong in support of using its employees to cut beer supply to Muslims in Selangor.
In what is as apparent effort to win brownie points with Pakatan Rakyat coalition member PAS, Mentri Besar risks raising the ire of the many who loathe to have government overreach. Continue reading “Bugger 7-Eleven”


Allen wins ‘Idol’ by not being Lambert

MAY 21 — Welcome to America in the 21st Century. Huge strides, but you can’t ignore the pitfalls waiting for you on both sides, and dead centre.
It has come far enough to say a gay person is worthy of all things, it just won’t give him or her, these things they apparently “are worthy of”.
Cue: “American Idol’ Season 8, and its controversial winner, Kris Allen. The controversy is more aptly about the rival he ousted to the title — Adam Lambert — than his talent. Lambert had been for months the judges’ firm favourite; however in the last few weeks there has been reluctant admission from them that most of America would not crown the San Diego native as the next American Idol. Continue reading “Allen wins ‘Idol’ by not being Lambert”

The nanti ends for Penanti

May 18 — There was to be an announcement a while back, it got dragged on for what seemed an eternity. Finally with the wisdom and foresight that only someone with Najib Razak’s experience and breeding could have had, they have decided to pass.

It was a ding-dong from the word go, when Fairus Khairuddin resigned as Penanti state assemblymen, as Umno just kept everyone guessing.

So the tennis ball exchanged ended. Continue reading “The nanti ends for Penanti”

Perak – The Rock Opera (courtesy of the Beatles)

May 15 — Let’s skip the hackneyed rigmarole on Perak, and talk about the Beatles. Songs from the Beatles (and album) that do represent the developments in Perak. I’ve listed them, and they don’t follow a logical pattern. It helps heaps if you know your Beatles.

I want you (She’s so heavy) — Abbey Road

The collective feeling of Umno politicians towards Perak after they lost it to Pakatan Rakyat on March 8, 2008.
“I want you, I want you so bad
It’s driving me mad, it’s driving me mad.”
Continue reading “Perak – The Rock Opera (courtesy of the Beatles)”

40 May 13s later

May 12 — I’ve spent many of my formative years being told why my life in this country has been shaped by May 13 (For the non-Malaysian reader: The build up to our national election that year, and the violence that ensued and the political policies that were set in place in order to evade a recurrence) . And tomorrow will be its 40th anniversary.
70 per cent of the country at least will not have a living memory of it, and those who do, have only the bits from their personal experiences. The rest of us have to do with what our parents tell us. Continue reading “40 May 13s later”