The nanti ends for Penanti

May 18 — There was to be an announcement a while back, it got dragged on for what seemed an eternity. Finally with the wisdom and foresight that only someone with Najib Razak’s experience and breeding could have had, they have decided to pass.

It was a ding-dong from the word go, when Fairus Khairuddin resigned as Penanti state assemblymen, as Umno just kept everyone guessing.

So the tennis ball exchanged ended.

But really does it inspire more confidence Umno’s stewardship of the country?

The reason

BN can’t win.

So they decided to skip it.

But BN contests all seats in general elections, irrespective of their previous record in the seats involved. In by-elections they feel more confident, since they can focus the gargantuan party machine — ministers after minister arriving, project after project announced and party workers flooding the constituency. Yet not this time.

Somehow they have lost faith in their machine, and ability to promise their way to victory.

How come?

This moment

A watershed moment has arrived in Malaysian politics.

BN have declared zones in which they are bound to struggle from now on.

Add to the list, all the urban seats in the country, add to the urban-rural, mixed seats that have an increasing suburban population.

A mathematical equation will be in the order of, education/social mobility/IT penetration increases, will result in decrease of support for the BN. And at a tipping point they become questionable seat.

I do wonder whether TM are working in tandem with the Malaysian government in ensuring we have some of the most abysmal internet connectivity and broadband access in our economic category? That is benefits to slowdown know how.

The spin

The media will start the spin. There will be an editorial in Utusan Malaysia showing the political maturity and nation before self think of Umno in avoiding a contest on PKR’s terms in Penang. That the money for an election campaign can be better utilised for development.

But you’ll always make the argument money can be better spent.

And if they really cared for prudent spending then set a policy in place internally in your party not to indulge in pompous, excessive and offensive electioneering in any election.

People living in glass houses should just not throw rocks at other people.

The verdict

I’ve gone on record to say that the party that runs Malaysia is bereft of any leaders worth worrying about, and so far the Umno leaders in good formation have kept steady with my prophecy.

They just wait about for a quick and safe solution, which guarantees their success without actually working for anything.

If you were to appraise them as athletes, they are lazy, slovenly and brazenly unfit competitors who rely on race officials bending and cowering to them, and tying the feet of their rivals who effectively hop around the track on one leg.

That past is ending surely.

Which scares the “political stuffing” out of them.

All incumbents in all countries enjoy a head start, some more than others. But few, have enjoyed the absolute advantages Umno has lived on since inception.

They as a party have had some sharp minds, and decisive men and women. I’ll grudgingly admit, even if they were wanton racists with minds filled with hate.

But now, the present crop only have hate, and little cerebral ability.

The result, more and more show of naked power, since they don’t do subtlety.

And the quickening is only likely to quicken some more.

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