The Alam that is not a bunch of flora

JUNE 16 — There was a blackout in Sepang today, and the main meeting room in the council building got all uncomfortable for a good hour without airconditioning.
Might as well, as the representatives from Alam Flora (AF and not to be mistaken for Akademi Fantasia) were already sweating it out, and a lack of ventilation would be a better excuse for themselves than just saying outright that they didn’t have the answers. Continue reading “The Alam that is not a bunch of flora”

PAS the buck please?

JUNE 2 — PAS gets to pick its leadership again, and so much is made of how much different PAS has become in the last five years.

Has PAS become a different party or has it become a party more adept to appearing different?
The core battle in PAS, and it even predates the rise of Erdogan or even the Ayatollah, has been about it being a Malay party or a party of egalitarian Islam. Continue reading “PAS the buck please?”