The August Awards

The month is not over, but there is enough action to merit award winners, before the Merdeka weekends.

I will save you from porn, but not now, award : Rais Yatim

Rais - personal freedom is overrated - Yatim
Rais - personal freedom is overrated - Yatim

I am told that former Kedah MB and Mahathir nombor one henchman Sanusi Junid prided in being a key promoter of anti-smut laws a few decades ago, but Rais in this case did get himself out right and centre with his statement on developing internet filters in Malaysia, just like China.

The Chinese Communist Party is mad to keep itself in power, and it is large enough a state to contemplate it — You have to be large enough to attempt (though unlikely to be successful) campaign to shut yourself from the world. Continue reading “The August Awards”

Majulah Singapura (Forward Singapore: For Singaporean readers)

singaporeAUG 8 — On Monday I will be attending the Singaporean National Day reception in KL  (National day is tomorrow). It is pretty ironic to have the nniversary celebration of our southern republic neighbours in KL, since it was KL’s expulsion of Singapore from Malaysia which rendered them a separate independent country.

Our own partition.

And the widely held consensus is that Malaysia let go of such a powerful economic entity for political goals, the goals of Umno back in 1965. Continue reading “Majulah Singapura (Forward Singapore: For Singaporean readers)”

Hate Beer, or actually showing some love to Umno, eh, PAS?

A small toast?
A small toast?

AUG 6 — There is madness in the air and there is no telling when it will dissipate.

PAS wants to stop people from drinking alcohol, how so amazingly fresh to hear.  Really, how so brilliant a want that even those in opposition, like me are just captivated by the raw eloquence of their ideas and passion, that we are caught with one thought. How could we possibly not agree with them? Which leads to the following thought: Why have I not submitted my membership form to PAS?

It is not good enough for them to harass the drinking culture in Malaysia up to a point that alcohol in Malaysia is artificially high, they have to go all out to end everyone’s right to buy a round of drinks at the bar. Continue reading “Hate Beer, or actually showing some love to Umno, eh, PAS?”