Hate Beer, or actually showing some love to Umno, eh, PAS?

A small toast?
A small toast?

AUG 6 — There is madness in the air and there is no telling when it will dissipate.

PAS wants to stop people from drinking alcohol, how so amazingly fresh to hear.  Really, how so brilliant a want that even those in opposition, like me are just captivated by the raw eloquence of their ideas and passion, that we are caught with one thought. How could we possibly not agree with them? Which leads to the following thought: Why have I not submitted my membership form to PAS?

It is not good enough for them to harass the drinking culture in Malaysia up to a point that alcohol in Malaysia is artificially high, they have to go all out to end everyone’s right to buy a round of drinks at the bar.

Seriously guys! Why not back off for a change?

The Islamists are just unrelenting, people like Hassan Ali of Selangor must just be so so upset having to endure people having have with alcohol. A bit like, you seem to be having too much fun, so I think I will have to end your party.

We have to clear about terminology here. Islamists are those generally seeking the promotion of Islam as the central tenet of societies, versus secularists who are quite happy to have as many Muslims as possible, in fact everyone can be a Muslim, but leaving religious edicts out of how governments are run.

Turkey aspires to remain a secularist state and most people in Turkey are Muslims.

The Islamists operate on a sense of  godly mission, and often times want to protect you from yourself.

Muslims in their minds, cannot make their own decisions on whether to drink or not, so they will shut down all access to alcohol in order to help them from drinking.

Plus in a convoluted  way they are convinced they are doing you a favour. A big one.

Which leads to me to my starting and ending statement: I’ll be the master of my own universe please, a man or woman who can decide for myself.

That is what I personally feel, but what are the feel-good disc jockeys in Selangor PAS thinking under the inspiring leadership of Hassan Ali.

These guys are playing politics.

These are the same guys mounting efforts to talk with Umno, and what better way to move the unity talks back onto the main stage than to force the fundamental issues that separate PAS from DAP/PKR, in this case the right to imbibe.

The people in Selangor do not like the idea of a group of people with “Talibanistic” tendencies trying to bring moral policing as a means of improving  lives.

Lives in Selangor are fine, what we need are leaders not bent on using divisive issues to mount their own political objectives.

I’m walking to my fridge to have a beer now, anyone needs one?

8 thoughts on “Hate Beer, or actually showing some love to Umno, eh, PAS?

    1. thanks for your input masrul

      Muslims are more than just the few thousands you personally know. I won’t put everyone in one big basket, if you won’t too.

      I do try to keep reading.

      1. Hey Praba,

        Don’t you know that anytime anyone says anything critical, even remotely, about Islam or Muslims, Muslim hackles will rise?

        In a way, you have been warned off about your less than flattering but accurate observation about Islamists (not Muslims, mind you). So you’ve been told to “read more on this” – a standard response whenever anyeone, especially a non-Musilm, expresses views that are far from complimentary about Islam. Also expect advice like talk to an imam if you want to know the true Islam and, since you say you do read, you need to read the Koran in its original script – Arabic. Otherwise you’re talking through your hat.

        And yes, those wanton, senseless killings of non-Muslims and Muslims (Sunni and Shiah killing each other) alike all over the world (WTC New York, Beslan, Bali, Sulawesi, Yala, Spain, London, Iraq, Mumbai…) carried out by Muslims or if, you prefer, Islamists, in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. But don’t test its patience if you value your life.

  1. Hi,

    I’m not sure where do you put yourself, whether know-all or much-more-to-know. From your writing, u seem like a know-all.

    But, maybe I’m wrong and you are a much-more-to-know person. If that so, as advise by Chuck, read more of Al-Quran and learn more the Islam Religion, not the Muslim, since Muslim does not reflects everything about Islam. Then you can talk about Islam and the Islamists.

    “These guys are playing politics”.

    That was a short-minded comment.

    PAS Selangor should have taught a lot about this. They know it’s not a preferred solution for those who consumes alcohol mostly Non-Muslims. They know there is probability swing of preferences (or votes later during the next election). They know the state will lose some money. If you’re really a politician, and survive totally with politics, this is a bad decision.

    Rather, PAS sees a moral betterness in the society as the top priority. Yes it is an Islamic teaching to avoid alcohol, but it’s not just a blind order, it comes with a great reason. To avoid people from losing their mind and insanity.

    Do you think it is a good government to allow their people to go insane, driving like crazy causing accidents and deaths, wife and kids get beatan by drunken husband, youngsters get into fights, free sex, and lots of other consequences because of alcohol? You may say that it does not happen to you, but, it did happen to a lot of other people.

    How on earth you said “Lives in Selangor are fine”. Crimes have never goes down from year to year. Rape, killing, robbery, juvenile crimes, drugs etc. go plummets. People have been living with fears and worries. Unless you are being selfish, then you may ignore this and insist of having the alcohol to be sold freely.

    PAS understand that it’s hard for non-Muslims to accept this. Rather, Muslims are the first group need to follow the Islamic teaching. So PAS Selangor has targeted those areas with Muslim Majority to stop the selling of alcohol (since there’s no area in Malaysia with 100% Muslim). This is the religious obligation for Islamic leaders to their Islamic society.

    Yet, they are respecting non-Muslims without stopping them to have and consume alcohol. And those areas with majority of non-Muslims still have their enjoyment as before. Then, why you are so worried and throwing out irresponsible comments. Keep on drinking, and goes mad. Hassan Ali won’t stop you.

    Don’t take PAS at par with Umno. Umno is the real politician. Although they are Muslims, but they practice Islam selectively. They only choose what is good for them for their politics survival. They have long supporting alcohol for wealth and supports by non-Muslims. But, when PAS talk about stopping alcohol, then they started to worry a lot that more Malay Muslims will support PAS. Now, Umno is struggling to win back the heart of their supporters until they themselves split into alcohol and anti-alcohol group. Some of them attacking and blaming PAS for the acts, and the other side is talking the same language to stop alcohol. They have no rules, they have no principe as long as they can get their supporters.

    Well, there’s a lot more to say about your article, but it will get too long. Even your comment about Turkey was misleading and need further explanation.

    Think again and properly this time. My reply is not 100% correct and open for correction. I’m looking forward to see your opinions to be more “adil”.

    1. hey pandan man,
      thanks for your comments.
      I do think I don’t know all, but by extension others are also all knowing.
      Individuals have the right to choose, that is a pretty basic premise.
      You can’t assume homogeneity in everyone, muslims are different. I am not a fan of people who start their statement with “we muslims” because it leads to false generalisation. Clearly many who are considered in documentation as muslims don’t believe in many things you believe. So they have to?

    2. Thanks for your comment.

      As much as we might differ on the causes of crime in specific situations, even if not in the general, you’ve laid a broadstroke about alcohol being a direct cause of harms in our society. Alcohol can be harmful, but societies also recognise the benefits you accrue from it socially. You are allowed to deal with harms like drunk driving and alcohol abuse but you cannot bar people from lifestyle choices.

      If Muslims drink, then they drink. It is not for bodies, in a democratic society to rule over a person’s morals, relative or absolute. This we obviously differ in government, or how to govern.

      My system allows you to live your personal life as you want to. Yours however bars many from living the life they may want.

      But we can always sit down and have a chat over tea.

      Cheers matey

  2. hi praba,
    been a fan of your writing on malaysian insider for a while now; just discovered your blog. this post reminded me of this article:


    it’s a faraway dream that the malaysian political system will ever treat islam “like any other set of ideas”, but i do think aspiration towards a goal of that sort would lead to a more open society and less overzealous moral policing. ironically, islam is inherently philosophical and reflective, and only becomes enforceable when the state makes it so.


    1. Thanks yvonne. I have not been writing much nowadays in my blog, which is a pity for me I think.

      But thanks for your insight and link. Keep in touch.


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