The August Awards

The month is not over, but there is enough action to merit award winners, before the Merdeka weekends.

I will save you from porn, but not now, award : Rais Yatim

Rais - personal freedom is overrated - Yatim
Rais - personal freedom is overrated - Yatim

I am told that former Kedah MB and Mahathir nombor one henchman Sanusi Junid prided in being a key promoter of anti-smut laws a few decades ago, but Rais in this case did get himself out right and centre with his statement on developing internet filters in Malaysia, just like China.

The Chinese Communist Party is mad to keep itself in power, and it is large enough a state to contemplate it — You have to be large enough to attempt (though unlikely to be successful) campaign to shut yourself from the world.

But for Rais to think the 27 million Malaysians can go alone with an Internet filter borders insanity. And madmen need their awards, but that is not why he wins this one.

It was more about the PM retracting his decision 48 hours and him going radio silence after that. He will protect us from smut apparently, just not now.

Looking ahead award: Samy Vellu

In car, but I am absolutely not going anywhere
In car, but I am absolutely not going anywhere

It is a long time since 1979 but good old Samy has said he is looking to 2015 as president  of MIC still. The party is determined to the stick with Umno to the bitter end, proving they are no deserters as bigots characterise the Dravidians whom make up the party membership.

However it does seem a funny way to show loyalty to Umno by misdirecting the needs of his own membership, political clout for the party not for the president only.

But MIC will always be MIC.

1 Malaysia, 2 masters award: Najib Razak

I am a man of my words
I am a man of my words

As it never risks being cliché, I’ll say it again. Najib only shares the racism of his father, not his intellect.

So repeating the early 70s as a means to subjugate Malaysia into a longer period under Umno would require the type of clever Najib has never experienced. The deviousness of his wife does not equate to cleverness, close but no banana.

Every time the PM is caught square footed for alleging his love for a nation without boundaries, and then supporting feverishly his party for its determination for boundaries, he does what he did best to survive Umno’s world of cloak and dagger, he goes quiet.

This is where Najib and Abdullah Badawi are so alike, just like in 87 their opposition to Mahathir doused when they were not sure of winning.

You don’t change stripes in the late game.

Bestest friend-friend ever award: Khairy Jamaluddin

You too can be my friend...
You too can be my friend...

There are friends, and then there is Khairy Jamaluddin. A man with few non-English speaking friends who notched up the numbers in Umno no less, and heads the classy Umno youth.

His award comes for his latest contribution. His defence of Permatang Pasir state seat nominee and disbarred lawyer Rohaizat Othman.

Khairy has experience with allegations. Wild ones have always been made about  him, I mean really wild ones, no less in his run-up to winning the Umno youth chief post despite opposing the maverick Khir Toyo. We can’t hold the disciplinary committee’s finding — that he had influenced support in less than gentlemanly way — against him, because it was not bad enough for him to be banned from contesting.

In true style he says Rohaizat is innocent despite the Bar council saying he is not, because hold it; he is his friend of ten years.

If friendship with Khairy is the basis for innocence, then well I am stumped. So I better just give him the award, bestest friend-friend ever award.

One thought on “The August Awards

  1. They promised years ago to not meddle with the www. I can bet the Malaysian users will go berserk if govt decides to do so. And to think RY used to be a lawyer …

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