Cikgu M___ and the life that follows

Oct 30 – I am gladdened by the number of people who have been affected by my years with Cikgu M, and I appreciate the comments.
However for me, the past must always be a doorway to the future, if not we ourselves develop a sense of helplessness about out present predicaments. And that would defeat the purpose of the past.

I’m an unbelievable adherent to the principle change will happen in our time, a bit like, ‘peace in our time’. There is a certain hopelessness in saying we should hope the next generation will be better off.

Indeed they should be, and the acceleration should occur, however we cannot, nay we should refuse to believe that the immediate future is not ours to shape.

There is much talk about the leaders in the country not measuring up, and indeed not living up to the word leader.

This is not a column for semantics, it is a column of confidence.

You have every right to form the most damning of verdicts on anyone, this is the very building block of a democracy. But you end up failing that democracy if you are adamant after you pass your vote, the show is not yours to dictate.

A country is not a beauty pageant, where the interest ends after the crowning.

Government comes into your home everyday, ignoring it is just perilous thinking.


As for hurt lessons…

My dad never let me wallow in my misery. The thing pointed to me was, no matter how bad I may have had it, someone is having it worse, much worse.

In making the lives of others better, you start make your own life make sense.

During my school days, and since, the message I have consistency passed to people who pass me in life is that things will get better, and we will be the agents of that change.


2 thoughts on “Cikgu M___ and the life that follows

  1. Huem…

    i know how its really hurts.. once, im being told, im a “dissappoinment”.. i dunno how to take it.. sooo i Walk out…

    soorry to say, but its a good feelin knowin im not alone… well, if you dont mind the colour different.. =D

    Thanks praba!!

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