No one puts Kamalanathan in a corner!

APRIL 22 – The Hulu Selangor by-election is about to hit its home straight, and in typical Malaysian style we are nowhere to knowing what will happen, since in typical Malaysian fashion the voters are keeping their know views close to their chests.

One certainty is the folk up here never got that much of ‘outsiders’ as much as they have in the weeks past.  The hotels, motels, shoplots, parking lots and snooker spots must have all filled up and money being a non-issue. You can say, in the last week or so, no one went hungry. 

One remarkable component of the campaign so far is the BN candidate. If you knew any less, you’d think Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is running for the seat. The campaign manager is more  evident, present and domineering, with promises and threats coming naturally from him.

I wonder how Kamalanathan, the candidate, if he wins and Muhyiddin is no more in Hulu Selangor?

Will the Selayang boy experience massive separation anxiety, especially since the Johor man is first Malay and therefore keeps his lads in Umno closer to him than any media manager from Selayang.  Or will those  pow-wow sessions in the Parliament cafe keep Kamalanathan’s juices flowing again?

I understand that the endorsement of more powerful people will always be useful in the run-in, but any support is to bolster your credentials, not form your credentials.

If I go for a sales job interview, showing my massive contact list and those who support me does make look good, but I still have to show that I can sell. I have to be worthy.

In this test, the lad of Selayang, and to be fair all the BN lads fail.

This is why individuals are not emerging strong out of Umno especially. It is a large and elaborate process of making sycophants, and in every cycle the product is weaker and weaker. Just look at the home minister.

But this is one man’s opinion.  A man who has opinions and stands by them, which is more than i can say for P94 candidate P.Kamalanathan.

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