Gillard on top, if you ask us

Welsh born Australian leader, Julia Gillard

July 26 – As part of electiondebates team, a collection of debate judges from all over the world, we analysed the Australian Leaders debate which was on Australian TV. Thanks to Astro I was able to judge the debate, albeit delayed, as we get Australia network.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Labor) faced Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (Lib-National), which we on the panel overwhelming gave the one-hour debate to Gillard. Continue reading “Gillard on top, if you ask us”

Happy birthday Praba!

JULY 16 — It’s my birthday today, and I have to tell you, it is getting more and more unnerving when I get older (being in the wrong end of my thirties). Sure some of the usual concerns, but more so what my mother is likely to say to me.

“You are not married yet!”

In your twenties you will have cute answers for mummy, and in your years after thirty you start to get a little jittery yourself especially when you are attending less weddings for cousins, and more birthday events for their children. Continue reading “Happy birthday Praba!”