Love letter to Mahathir Mohamad

JULY 1 — Mahathir Mohamad do you ever tire of being a bully?

I mean there must be days when you wake up and look at your grandchildren play in the garden and look at them as kids having fun with a monster sized Barney toy and not as Malays.

Does everything have to be about race?

Dunga picks a Brazil side with more fair-skinned boys than in the past, and will you then say he was just being normal, being reasonable in picking more of his kind. After all you do argue that all of us are racist, we just have to accept it and be open about it. Declare your race priorities, and everyone else does and therefore we all can be fairer to each other.

How about this?

What if Dunga just wants to win football matches and picks Kaka, incidentally all very European white, as midfield maestro because the man can unlock any defence. Maicon, incidentally has very dark-skin indicating his strong African genes, is rightback because he patrols with great alertness and wants to attack all the time.

They were picked by a football coach to help a country win football games.

Same here.  A goal by any Malaysian in a Malaysian jersey is a goal for Malaysia.  You can’t say a goal by a Malay means more. But knowing you, you would.

The thing is if you were always Mahathir the private citizen then you would have only been the madcap doctor in Alor Setar no one talks to in the local mamak — sorry, sorry, you don’t like that term, in the local warong which belongs to a proprietor who is dark skinned and speaks Tamil to his sons who run the place with a bunch of Bangladeshi workers. It’s ok since they go for Friday prayers, and speak in good Kedah dialect.

But you are Dr M, our longest serving prime minister who has imbued a race-think in everything and anything in Malaysia. In civilised nations, those who govern realise that the simple-folk would be inclined to being racist and therefore they work to educate, engage and reason with the populace to reduce racial stereotypes, apprehensions and crimes. But nothing like that happened here, if anything the government was always apologetic saying racism was and still is inevitable, almost condoning acts of hate

So you can understand why you are always Dr Hate to me.

I really believe you can’t change, and I also know you never read anything negative about you.

But I can’t wonder what I’d do if we were to meet in a room with you not protected by your armed bodyguards and a trailing group of worshippers.

But really, I’d just hug you. I think nothing would upset you more than that.  Someone who had to live through a climate of hate you fostered hugging you.

Anyway, go back to your laptop in the study. Since you started reading this, a whole bunch of people have come in to your blog and worship your humanity.  Life is funny that way.

2 thoughts on “Love letter to Mahathir Mohamad

  1. Dear Praba,
    No thanks for the advice. Some days, I wake up thinking I am an Austrian pretending to be German. Other days, I worry about the phallic symbols I built with your money falling down. Please don’t mention football. If this game was fair, we developing countries should get a handicap goals, e.g. 0.3 goals.
    PS: The family was feeding me some pills for hydrophobia for a year after I retired, but I rejected tham as changing the real me.


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