What is the prime minister waiting for, a phone call from god?

NOV 14 – A lot of people would pay some serious dough to find out what is in the mind of the prime minister right now.

Despite all the rage about an impending general election, I think the future of the country is more in his mind. The PM regardless of the fat department he holds with more directors than probably any head of state in the world, I mean directly reporting to, must be perturbed by the lack of inertia in the country.

The country is moving to a standstill. People are starting dig their heels in and there will be more Mexican standoffs in the weeks and months to come.

Religion, or the need for the state to dominate religion and the actions of all people is arriving at station ridiculous and there is no end in sight.

In summary, the state has effectively waged war on personal choice. The long and the short of a strong church presence is to override the personal preferences of people to the ‘better reality’ as proscribed to by the religious elders.

That they know better. And the political masters in the country are more than willing to toe this line because there is every chance reducing choice will keep them in power longer.

The country has this paralysis when it comes to breathing because those in situations to decide have decided not to choose, because there is more to gain from personal power than the respect of the sane.

So prime minister, where will be heading, or shall we all practice our goose-steps until we are in unison with the next ghastly 1 Malaysia song that your perenially ungifted composers can come up with?

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