Malay TV and as we go

Thanks for the ideas guys.

I was not trying to force a discussion about whether the national language is relevant to us Malaysians or just to some Malaysians only.

The crux is, having Malaysia effectively as the default language of the nation for more than a generation, are several people duty-bound to the Malay expression. Continue reading “Malay TV and as we go”

My holiday… and it’s on

Jan 10 – My annual holiday has just started, so I am off to Kota Kinabalu.

Sabah is the only state I have not been too, so it pretty much completes my touch base with the country, finally.

Visiting some cities and towns in a short time are just snapshots, especially since they are all short visits. Malaysia has to be larger than that, a conversation of millions of people over a long long time.


But that conversation has to occur all over the country, and this is where the travel helps, I get a visual. Limited, very very limited, but it is something.

So here I come KK.

I want to see something that will help my narrative of the country, and maybe I will.

Watch for this space