Malay TV and as we go

Thanks for the ideas guys.

I was not trying to force a discussion about whether the national language is relevant to us Malaysians or just to some Malaysians only.

The crux is, having Malaysia effectively as the default language of the nation for more than a generation, are several people duty-bound to the Malay expression.

That is to say, should RTM require drama, musical, movies etc producers to be aware in all elements of the product that they are targetting all Malaysians since all of us are Malay speakers.

So the musical does not include an ethnic minority song. That is not the point. If there are 10 singers on the show, have they been fair and included a reasonable non-Malay performers singing in Malay too. This is not to dictate further quotas. No quotas, but about considering.

Asking if the breakdown is brazenly an anomaly.

Should they cast more non-Malays in Malay shows. Are record companies feeling they need to get more records by minorities in Malay, because Malays and other Malaysians will listen to it too.

This is a paradigm shift, to meet a promise all the way.

We asked everyone to speak Malay, so when the state produces, regulates, encourages and incentivises cultural products in Malay, they are cognisant and emphasising the product is meant for all Malaysians, not just Malays only.
It is generally immaterial what those who come from non-Malay speaking homes think of that or not. That is a non-issue.

It is public money. It just has to be something they do.

And then passes on to the prevailing discourse on all Malay content entertainment. Those who produce it have to consider all Malaysia as their market. How to make sure there is enough in there without patronising people or communities is up to the shrewdness of the creative forces.

Because all Malaysians are Malay speakers.

Some are good at it, some are very good at it. Some are bad at it, and some are phenomenally bad at it. But that is a non-issue, most definitely when it comes to public money.

Public money to promote Malay cultural products must emphasise its appeal to all Malaysians and not Malays alone.
Because Malay is the language of Malaysians, and Malay belongs to all Malaysians.

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