Why protest? (Talking about the Hindraf Arrests)

FEB 27 — While Hindraf supporters were gathering in various points across Kuala Lumpur this morning, I was asleep. The missed the arrests, and lunch.

There are some opinions on the matter of what and who were protesting today. The opinions are pretty strong.

But they do not negate the key question of whether they had the right to protest.

That must matter, above everything else.

A democracy allows for expression of opinion, just as it defends the right of the many to criticise the gathering.

What must matter is, what did the police do to help them carry out their protest peacefully?

The prime minister suggests they are trying to make him look bad. I am amazed it takes a UK degree to diagnose the intention of the protestors.

Of course they are trying — trying real hard — to make the prime minister look bad. This is why you publically protest, to make your objection known far and wide, not to your own ilk.

We are all welcome to disagree with their thoughts, their intentions and even their appearance. That does not dilute their right to protest.

The issue is democratic expression.

The prime minister knows all this, he watches TV, and he reads.

He gets to express everyday — on TV, billboards and print. How about extending the courtesy to others, unless of course you think expression is a birthright?

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