I’m heading to the city now.

Wonder what Marley would doJULY 8 — I don’t want to be repeating myself, and I don’t want to retell what everything which has gone to print the last few days. It can get tiring.

That is exactly the point, so many of us are tired. It seems likes an elaborate SEALS (US Navy special forces) training for an entire Valley so that some dubious outcome can be achieved.

I’m not sure this chapter has a plot anymore, it just has committed actors. Continue reading “I’m heading to the city now.”

Bersih eve, and no ideas left undamaged

Tan Sri Ismail Omar gives his media views today at Bukit Aman, the IGP is certain things will fall for the Bersih people. --  picture courtesy of The Malaysian InsiderJULY 8 — Confusion is reigning, and the sinking feeling grows.

Hundreds of thousands of Greater Kuala Lumpur’s inhabitants will dread tomorrow. There will be traffic beyond measure and comparison. Even the apolitical are dragged into it. For the administration, they hope the indifferent turn their anger at the Pakatan Rakyat people who are linked heavily with the Bersih movement.

Pakatan Rakyat hope to see the reverse of it, and win more votes outside Kuala Lumpur. All city seats were won under the Pakatan Rakyat label minus one. Most of the Selangor parliamentary seats are under PR. Continue reading “Bersih eve, and no ideas left undamaged”