Bersih eve, and no ideas left undamaged

Tan Sri Ismail Omar gives his media views today at Bukit Aman, the IGP is certain things will fall for the Bersih people. --  picture courtesy of The Malaysian InsiderJULY 8 — Confusion is reigning, and the sinking feeling grows.

Hundreds of thousands of Greater Kuala Lumpur’s inhabitants will dread tomorrow. There will be traffic beyond measure and comparison. Even the apolitical are dragged into it. For the administration, they hope the indifferent turn their anger at the Pakatan Rakyat people who are linked heavily with the Bersih movement.

Pakatan Rakyat hope to see the reverse of it, and win more votes outside Kuala Lumpur. All city seats were won under the Pakatan Rakyat label minus one. Most of the Selangor parliamentary seats are under PR.

But that is not the point of this posting. Enough has been said and I just want to give a shout-out to everyone in the Klang Valley for their patience through these tribulations, irrespective of your politics. Tak kisah kan ikut geng mana, semua kena besok.

The most important thing is to revisit the concept of the voice.

I hear so much about how democratic expression can get out of hand, as if that becomes in itself a reason to stop expression.

Can that be it, just that. Things can go wrong, without weighing the need to let all men to have the same place in a state.

Hundreds of years of evolution and the ending of colonialism centred on that ideal, that every man matters.

Sure that is an ideal and most of us are in squalor, a place of unkept promise.

The ideas are easy, but the repercussions of equality are so scary to those used to a different reality, that change is unacceptable.

The test remains, the hopes are not mine alone.

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