I’m heading to the city now.

Wonder what Marley would doJULY 8 — I don’t want to be repeating myself, and I don’t want to retell what everything which has gone to print the last few days. It can get tiring.

That is exactly the point, so many of us are tired. It seems likes an elaborate SEALS (US Navy special forces) training for an entire Valley so that some dubious outcome can be achieved.

I’m not sure this chapter has a plot anymore, it just has committed actors.

Still this is an important chapter, which underlines the wilingness of people in power to turn topsy-turvy the lives of millions and the hopes of the futures for a further grip of political power.

Power has become an end to itself.

The hesitant many do ask a question, and it is a fair question, a very fair one. Can’t we just let those who are so clingy to their seats of glory have it, since nothing good will ever come of it. Surely in organically they will have to change, or be changed.

Why force the process.

The emergence of the nation state placed a series of benefit as much as obligations. None of us want to return to the city-state. We might not be able to express the distinction, but the easy separation is, the nation-state forces deeper roots with the state for the many.

When it is just the city you live in, then only those things you interact with daily become your concern. A larger nation

requires a connection to people and places you’ll never come across. Therefore ideals will hold of of you together, and in building those ideals you build a born with the state as an idea.

If the idea is ill-formed, the state collapses.

Before, if you did not like your city, you can leave. The state may be somewhat similar, but the roots are deeper and the cost of readjusting to another nation state is higher because of the newer dynamics.

Which draws us back to KL 2011. KL in this month of Julius.

I’m not sure clarifying ideas helps the situation when it comes to the people I am confronted with.

They seem to be set in their ways because their way still gets them their home and two cars. The great Malaysian dream of ownership of property but not ideas.

It is not my place to determine what works for whom, but it is all our places to choose.

I’ll be in the city tonight, a few friends are going to drink.

I think we all should have a drink tonight, just to calm nerves.

Probably some of us should get flasks of coffee for the policemen manning all the roadblocks across this Valley I love. They are my neighbours. I say drinks for all our boys in blue when we see them tonight.

I guess that’s my toast.

See some of you tomorrow in the city.

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