Thursday nights in the old Ibrahim Yaakob…

AUG 5 —  In first year uni, in that old UKM, I would be in my unit alone. I had a roommate but he left sometime towards the end of sem I.

I suppose me telling him on day one of us being roomed together that I opposed race-based rooming was probably a turn-off to him. That he was a Tamil primary school teacher might have compounded things more. And the odd boys coming in and using my room as they pleased must have turned real off.

But the smart money might be the leopard spot underwear I pun on sometimes.

In year one all the lads are stacked together at the top of the hill. The whole hostel compound for Ibrahim Yaakob was on a hill, but there were three blocks up furthest and with the monkeys and wild boars. And out of being the youngest we were stashed up there…

At the back is a large water tank and open area. That and the buildings were supposed to be on an old Orang Asli burial ground, so it was a bit eerie all the time at night. The forested area fronting us did not help ease the feeling we were absolutely marooned at the top.

I would listen to cassettes from in an old tape recorder, and work with my old typewriter. Typewriter, imagine that.

I was not a loner, I don’t think I am a loner now, but I’m not what they say a guy who has a fixed clique.

Which is why it is so difficult to gather different type of people into a common event.

This is the fasting month, and one advantage of the fasting month is that the hostel cafetaria will open late and stay open till breakfast. The was, and I suppose still is, sad. But there would be the lads playing chess, and that I liked. You sit and play and time just goes. And the water is free.

It was heaven.. chess and water.

That is about all for tonight..

2 thoughts on “Thursday nights in the old Ibrahim Yaakob…

  1. Go highlanders Go! AT least for the first few months of my days in Ibrahim Yaakob, I stayed with an Indian girl named……gosh I was a blessing… Hehehe….

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