Rapid KL T405 bus service failure

11am, Nov 3 2011

Alam Jaya Bus Station

The 30,000 residents of greater Cuepacs Cheras (Mudun, Permata, Cuepacs, Venice Hill etc) of more than 20 residential areas have long suffered from inadequate service from Rapid KL’s

T405 service.

It is compounded by the fact T405 is only a loop service, so for the many waiting for hours for a bus, they have to connect to another transport vehicle for the remainder of their trip. A short bus loop is technically seen as a way to reduce the wait time because there is less distance and therefore time between buses. However there two buses slated for the people of this area have been quite haphazard.

The key problems being:

The Infrequent buses — The buses are not operating anywhere close to the bus schedule as promised by Rapid KL. The two buses allocated for our area on most days make residents wait for more than an hour for a bus. The service has deteriorated markedly over the fasting month.

Over-aging buses – Residents observe that compared to the newer buses being replaced for other routes, the T405 buses are older and more problematic. They suspect this might be causing breakdowns leading to infrequencies.

The last ten years has seen the deterioration of service to a level of “brazen disregard” for the quality of life for the people in these tamans.

The various downsides of the situation:
• Residents, retirees and students mostly, spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for public transportation, let alone travel.
• Residents have to pay exorbitant taxi fares in two manners: to and from the closest areas with public transportation (Leisure Mall Taman Segar – RM10) or direct to the city RM25-30; and within between adjacent tamans (it is a large development area with taxis coming up to RM10)
• Traffic jam at entry and exit points almost throughout the day since most residents with means are forced to use private vehicles.
• Deal with rude drivers and supervisors at their terminal in Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal, who have shown over time a disinterest for the lives of people from our area.

Waiting for hours at a bus stop and then going home disgusted is a common occurrence. Forcing residents to use taxis is an alternative beyond the means of retirees and students, and every complaint written is ignored by the management of RapidKL.

We do ask the question, as there are better serviced areas in the Klang Valley by RapidKL, is the greater Cuepacs area not exciting enough for RapidKL?

In our frustration we have mounted this petition campaign. More than 600 signatures have been collected in various parts of these 20 tamans, mostly collected by young people who have personally experienced the frustration of waiting the bus that never comes.

We are hoping that today we will have 800 signatures and ready for handover to RapidKL. This petition is not the end of our initiative.

We started this campaign to get buses, and until there is bus service that meets the expectation of our community we will continue to highlight RapidKL’s horrible service to this community.

Please do not take just the words of the people who have written this release or those who you can see talking. Please approach any person who rides the bus here in greater Cuepacs and they will give you account over account of how RapidKL does not care for the people of greater Cuepacs.

4C (Cuepacs Cheras Community Centre) is a local initiative to facilitate the common aspirations of the residents of all the housing estates of greater Cuepacs. For too long the community has been ignored by those who should be helping it move forward. It is intent on progress through organisation, communication and application.


  1. Hi Prabagesan,

    How are you? I stumbled upon your blog while searching for feedback on T405 as I will be moving to Venice hill soon.

    How has it been since the petition was made?

    – Angie

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