Najib’s confused

DEC 22 – Waiting for a sign from the stars, our prime minister is..

The year has been a series of missteps and Najib Razak must be looking for some positive, some indicator that his fortune has turned for the better. There are those who say he has never recovered from Bersih, and I have to concur.

The biggest burden for Najib is that everyone before him has built their power base on being so much stronger than the rest, which is why even a small digression from being the supreme leaders of the country is too much for the stalwarts of Umno. They like to win big, win early and win completely.

Najib’s salvation is in, moving away from that think. He has to see that the new world, and by extension Malaysia, does not operate on a party having a massive lead over everyone else. That is the past, not applicable anymore.

It sounds simple, so obvious, but for someone born into Umno and power, the simpler and obvious things are complex and indeterminate.

Poor Najib.

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