Column archive: Hey Mahathir, where is the love? (2009)

(First appeared in The Malaysian Insider on July 23, 2009. This was written a week after Teoh Beng Hock died while in anti-graft officers’ care. Most people were expectedly following that development, but being Malaysians it is hard to forget Mahathir. Amazing that almost three years later, nothing is really different from Mahathir, he does possess consistency)

APRIL 17 — Some of us are doing quite well. Some of us are doing ok. Some of us struggle to keep the bills from mounting. Some of us don’t know how to keep going.

That is Malaysia, today. Actually that could be the US, Chile or Sudan. Yes, Sudan. All countries — all economic systems despite and due to encroaching globalisation — have differentiated living scales. You have poverty everywhere. And you have them people sitting on the terraces of KLCC looking on at humanity while sipping their iced coffee. Continue reading “Column archive: Hey Mahathir, where is the love? (2009)”