Thinking of John

ImageOCT 13 — Another year without John Lennon, and for a guy who was 8 when he died — and never knew him then — he has played an amazing role in my life.

The thing about John, the one you get to know through his music, words and observations, is that he was not bent getting himself in your face. He’s like this person hanging at the corner of a street, and was not overly bothered about making a huge impact on you.

He was not going to live himself out through your adulation. He was just going to live. And while he did, speak about the times that he was present in and his personal hopes for the future.

The manner in which he carried himself, tells us, continues to tell us that the most sacred of rights are about letting other people get on with their lives.

So happy birthday John.

I hope you are happy in your tree-house.

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