If you were wondering where I’ve been?

ImageFEB 1 — I’ve not been writing on this blog for sometime, and maybe by that extension, that knowledge, I’ve become a stranger to my own log.

So hello me!

There is an election coming. Most people expect the election result to change us. In a direct manner of speaking it does. But as a society experiences a close election, irrespective of the result, the people change. Because the experience is formidable.

I do ask people if they’ll help. I’ll ask again and again. The odd person asks me, don’t you tire of asking? Tired is the man who is at work or leisure. But I digress.

Of course I am tired of asking. And being rejected by so many people, so often and over that many years for things that rarely benefit me personally, it has the lows. But I guess over time, I’ve become experienced at it.

My boss is on his way to Penang. He will carry on with programmes dawn till dusk and beyond, because this is a special time. As I said, there is an election coming, and while we may set our sights on land and the gulls are already on the the deck, raising the sail and wishing for that extra fortune that the right wind brings requires work.

We have to keep plugging at it, till the votes are counted and the results are called in.

But yes, to the topic of help. The last five years has been a period of people asking why Pakatan has so many deficiencies. First, all fundamental issues have been confronted even if to varying degrees resolved or left unattended thereafter. Our failures are public and the successes lukewarm because people expect things to be better if not BN.

What it still lacks is people.

This is the mother of all Malaysian elections, and without enough help some of us might drown.

Guess that will do for now.

Still, we are going to win this general election.

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