Big week ahead

FEB 18 — It’s not going to be your average week.

The prime minister is back from Sabah, and he has gone to the nerve centre of the Chinese educationists. There will be meetings, watch out for the Umno supreme council meeting.

At the Dong Zong Chinese New Year Open House, February 17, 2013.

They will talk about when the elections should be.

The prime minister is entitled to differ from his colleagues in his party, but in an election where the only base left is his party faithful, they will not be ignored.

They can do what they must, and the rest of us have to wait.

The prime minister in my mind is terrified of what is about to happen. Never has an Umno president gone to an election uncertain of so many things.

While in the past there are worries about particular groups and their particular support base, all sectors in play this time, even if by varying degrees.

There is no kampung where the PM and his party are spoken as being infallible. The time of political royalty is over even if the grip on power remains.

Najib might just think that April may appear better than March, a month is a lifetime in politics especially when all the handouts through BR1M2.0 and the rest are completed. A more sceptical population may want the bird in the hand than haughty promises.

Perhaps this is the last of Najib’s strategies to stretch out the opposition. This is a three-year wait for a general election, with the last 18 months being intense as combatants continue their wait in the trenches.

So, let’s see.



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