Friday and sunshine

A view from the top floor of PKR HQ in Tropicana Selatan 1. The NKVE begins and on the right is entry to the bandar utama zone.

MARCH 1 — It is a an amazing day out there. In all the excitement to mount a political challenge to a despotic regime bent on circumventing truth and honour in order to keep power, one does forget to look out the fourth floor office and realise that this is an amazing Friday.

I am not going to actually get any of that wonder as I am stuck here trying to force round pegs into square holes, but still, you out there, go take a walk.

In this office

There are less people visible, but all the top characters are here. A strategy meeting down the hallway and the leader of the opposition in his room dealing with a series of appointments. The intensity however is apparent.

Boss will be out soon, heading to the 3-4 engagements here before getting on to Permatang Pauh tomorrow. My staff is trying to get a studio camera battery set back to a crew heading back to Bangkok, but that is a mini-adventure all on its own.

They want to know

The day is engaging people in the various mediums, and it is obvious that the theme permeating the air is about people wanting to know. There is too much subterfuge in the country, and even those who rarely care about these things, these political things, from afar realise that way too much is not known.

So now they want to know.

Unfortunately we are not the ones dictating the culture of ambiguity.

Why my friends are happy with the way things are

I have to see Facebook often, something to do with my job scope. I see therefore my friends, especially those in my age bracket. The ten years passed graduation and now keenly in their comfort zone at work. They see the big picture of things, the details that elude the younger crowd.

But I can’t understand why many of them stand by the Barisan Nasional. Being smart, they cannot just emphasise on what Pakatan has not done, and look at what BN continues to do to this country. The education surely forces them to look at where BN is taking the country to.

Entering the office of party de facto leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s office. #demirakyat

It might be good for them, but a large number of Malaysians it has not been good. Many of them cannot articulate the reasons why things are so bad, except they are intimately aware of how it is hurting them. They expect those educated using the rakyat’s money to speak up for them, to seek higher meaning from the things around them, and not just say, there is a way of justifying how a rich country like ours is just helping the few, the very wealthy few.

This election may end up being a referendum on smart Malaysians, on whether they care. They can’t just hide and say they’d vote. The situation requires more than their vote, it requires them to act on their conscience.

Anyway, there is an election coming.


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