What you realise if you’ve taken the 62

AUG 26, 2014 — I can’t recollect what happened on October 26, 2012, but according to the fare reload machine, I took a train. A MRT train in Singapore, actually. I’m not sure what it meant on August 22, of this year, as I stood by the machine, knowing this information.

It just means a series of details from the past and present, with no emphasise of how to find advice from them. Sort of how the weekend went for me, with a number of bus and train rides, that the fare card will remind me the next time I get into the republic.

It was that kind of weekend. Where I was insistent on repeating things when they have been the same for some time, same without a chance of being something else. And missing out on new things, because I can.

Of course, all things or at least the things that matter are invariably about people.

But I do have these observations, made between walks from taxi stands.

A mat to sit on

The Ibans roll out sitting mats when Gawai — harvest festival — is upon them. Since longhouses that they live in are also fortresses, there is a requirement for symbols and acts to demonstrate that visits by outsiders are permissible for the duration.

Visiting when mats are not rolled out can be met with a completely different kind of welcome.

If I were to juxtapose it to our prevailing social contexts, it is a bit like just being a friend to someone on Facebook does not mean you can willy-nilly like, comment or share other friend’s posts.

There are degrees to the dynamic, and one is often at the mercy of group think or what most prefer to think like.

These instances then grouped and cross linked form opinions, and indeed irretractable opinions.

You have to act in a way in order to be weighed as a person with meaningful feelings or thoughts.

You have to know where the mat is, somehow.

Passion is not a parade

Seeing things unseen is my favourite past time. If all you realise is the possible, how can you inspire?

Inspiration is borne out of frustration or denial, it is rarely the product of a careful plan executed for a reasonable challenge.

Of course there is the other option, to not want inspiration.

To inspire seems to to be about leading many to very possible failures. That the failure is for those who lead to own and scarred by, and the successes for those who follow to rejoice in.

I’ve failed in many things, but my desire to inspire is not in doubt.

But still, I ask.

Do people after some time, as life shows them repeatedly the silliness of things unseen in the cold light of day, denounce inspiration?

Anyway, back in KL.

On the top deck of the 62. I have some lovely people to see.
On the top deck of the 62. I have some lovely people to see.

“Get a grip, people hate sissies. No-one’s ever gonna shag you if you cry all the time.” Emma Thomson’s character Karen to Daniel, played by Liam Neeson. Love Actually 2003.

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