It’s all fun and games till someone gets

It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt, is a line ringing awfully true in Malaysia today.

The various politicians I worked with have been wont to say main (play) Facebook. Suggesting actions online are less real and perhaps are more play, at least to their minds. I found this mirthful, but now not so, because they are not alone in assuming cyberspace is not real space.

Freudian slip or not, there is a certain levity assumed about text that’s transmitted electronically. It is so easy to fill a comment and press enter, that the ease of it, the perfunctory nature of it blindsides commentators on the actual effects of their actions.

You are no less menacing sending it as such, than if you were to take a bus, walk a block, trot pass the gate and slip it under the victim’s door.

More so when these deadly pronouncements are remarked with no logical punctuation, they embolden others to join in. Just like the other noble Romans striking Julius Caesar once Casca sheaths his dagger first.

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A thriving multicultural society has a h

A thriving multicultural society has a high chill quotient — those who laugh off unintended cultural infractions and welcome the odd, by reflecting on their own oddities. The ones driving the agenda presently appear to be on a dangerous cocktail of crack and horse steroids, they are perpetually angry, insecure and growing man-boobs.

In a thriving multicultural society, individuals realise that all mankind is irrevocably different from them, a fact which is equally present in highly homogenous societies but masked by anti-pluralistic forces under the guise of fostering cohesion built on abandoning individualistic traits.

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PKR has never won a parliamentary seat i

PKR has never won a parliamentary seat in Borneo, until last year. Darell Leiking is only an appointed vice-president, but considering the performance gap over there for the party, the highest official from there in the party hierarchy has the opportunity to become a game-changer.

To begin, the party needs to know what is possible in Borneo for GE14. Acknowledging that Barisan Nasional (BN) has too many seats in Sabah and Sarawak does not on its own become an argument that Pakatan Rakyat can win more seats. There is a reason why they win there.If Darell can map out the electoral reality then he can chart a campaign which is founded on grassroots strength rather than righteous objection to the corruption and poverty.

He is the first to win a ticket to Parliament there; the challenge is to replicate that success elsewhere.

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“Malaysia is one of the major education

“Malaysia is one of the major education destinations in the world, something like 12th, but this is driven by droves arriving seeking economic opportunities in Malaysia via student passes and marketing initiatives to capture sales in unchartered states — marketing firms being paid handsomely, degrees guaranteed upfront and shifting operations to the next country which has not learnt from returning graduates how much fun there is to be had living and studying in Malaysia.

And just like in every other sector, local business owners — in this case universities — hire foreign workers to replace locals on the basis of competitive pay. Your Bangladeshi business math lecturer earns far more than his countryman manning petrol stations but far less than his Malaysian competitor is willing to go for. ”

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It is one thing to defend a bankrupt ide

It is one thing to defend a bankrupt idea, it is despicable to use the millions of Malaysians completely indifferent about any law which has yet to personally charge them in court as fodder.

The poor know they are being used.

The poor are quiet because life is hard on its own — they can ill-afford social evolution from their two-room flats. They expect those with better opportunities in life, having seen how the application by a few can move mountains, buy gear to scale their hopes to a proper summit.

A system, whichever one you pick, has to revolve around efforts to pull the many up and expect them in turn to do the same for the next out-of-luck guy. When the system is markedly about the few who did get to rise above establishing structures to limit the everyone-not-them, then catch-all laws become very attractive.