It is one thing to defend a bankrupt ide

It is one thing to defend a bankrupt idea, it is despicable to use the millions of Malaysians completely indifferent about any law which has yet to personally charge them in court as fodder.

The poor know they are being used.

The poor are quiet because life is hard on its own — they can ill-afford social evolution from their two-room flats. They expect those with better opportunities in life, having seen how the application by a few can move mountains, buy gear to scale their hopes to a proper summit.

A system, whichever one you pick, has to revolve around efforts to pull the many up and expect them in turn to do the same for the next out-of-luck guy. When the system is markedly about the few who did get to rise above establishing structures to limit the everyone-not-them, then catch-all laws become very attractive.

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