October is here

tennessee-treeOCT 10 — I met a friend last week.

It was really good, since we have not met up for over 10 years. At the end of lunch, I realised this was the first time we ever sat down and talked that long.

Life is like that sometimes. What was not is not a better now, but a different now with no reference to the was all the years back.

For starters, we did not talk about debating. It may be hard to grasp this for those who have not been in university debating the last 20 years, because they won’t know how addictive talking about debating is.

And we did not. We did something better, we talked about ourselves.

She asked at the end about mom, and I said its a thing. Which I suppose to a women means as a guy I have not the slightly idea what to say, and I’ll confess, it did mean I did not have the slightest clue.

That’s my take of a casual lunch in the new city centre where horses use to roam, with well trained jockeys.

I look forward to conversations like that.

I like the idea that despite everything this year has been about, I am looking forward to things.

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