It’s all fun and games till someone gets

It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt, is a line ringing awfully true in Malaysia today.

The various politicians I worked with have been wont to say main (play) Facebook. Suggesting actions online are less real and perhaps are more play, at least to their minds. I found this mirthful, but now not so, because they are not alone in assuming cyberspace is not real space.

Freudian slip or not, there is a certain levity assumed about text that’s transmitted electronically. It is so easy to fill a comment and press enter, that the ease of it, the perfunctory nature of it blindsides commentators on the actual effects of their actions.

You are no less menacing sending it as such, than if you were to take a bus, walk a block, trot pass the gate and slip it under the victim’s door.

More so when these deadly pronouncements are remarked with no logical punctuation, they embolden others to join in. Just like the other noble Romans striking Julius Caesar once Casca sheaths his dagger first.

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