Bob Dylan said that every generation had

Bob Dylan said that every generation had to reject the one before it in order to finds its own voice.

Active students in university campuses do not mean support for Anwar, it sure does not mean support for me. Students are their own masters, in that regard and it is important that they are.

There are enough opposition leaders who assume the sympathy students have to their cause as proof they are strong supporters. They’ll be sorely disappointed.

The young are apprehensive about those who speak of permanency and a singularity of views.

New is often defined by being different, and a set of ideas which are predicated on what has always been to continue to be without interference would appear to be the enemy of youth. At least to a young thinker.

My open advice to all groups is to engage the young, not seek ways to cage them. They are not seeking your permission to have a voice, they are informing you that if you have a problem with them having a voice then there will be a problem.

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