From time to time, governments do say th

From time to time, governments do say that facilities are only as good as they are cared for.

A generation of young Malaysians will struggle to remember the days of people lining up at public telephone booths till midnight to use them. Many claimed the phones were never enough, the government claimed that vandalism and petty thefts put paid to real efforts to build telecommunication.

It is similar to toilets, except today most people have mobile phones, whereas there is little chance of letting people have personal portable toilets.

So, are locals ruining the facilities? There might be truth in it. I won’t belabour the political reality argument, that perhaps the constant re-emphasises that the rakyat live a life well thanks to the blessings of those in power does perversely enforce a belief that public goods do not belong to the public. They belong to those who govern the public and therefore our Joe Public does not have to assume responsibility for the facilities.

My weekly column in The Malay Mail Online

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