Excerpts of A to Z of Umno general assem

Excerpts of A to Z of Umno general assembly

J: Juice or mixer. The party seniors in the various hotel lobbies sipping their juices or mixers, one after the other. Where you drink decides how tasty your juice can be.

K: Keris. Like the Sikhs’ Kirpan (small dagger), the true Umno patriot feels lost without a keris to brandish. The press love it, because every time a leader does a bit of a show and tell with it at the assembly the news writes itself.

Khairy Jamaluddin, Umno youth chief, and seriously would look silly holding up a keris. But he still has to walk the tightrope of dishing out vitriol and brouhaha against all and sundry outside with the voice of a man who is capable of any kind of madness. We are talking about eating 8 types of cheese with nasi lemak crazy.

And when the dust settles, looks at ways to rebrand his actions as necessary but moderate. Like congratulating your opponent after kicking him in the face by saying the broken nose is giving him a more natural look.


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