Pots and kettles come to mind. Umno lead

Pots and kettles come to mind.

Umno leaders live on anger, their members are year-long almost intravenously fed a siege mentally of being under threat from all over by forces seen and unseen. One day someone is going to overdose at their annual assembly and the physician attending will sign off “Organs overwhelmed by rage.”

So it seems Umno is advocating a rage meter, an acceptable rate of anger. So when Khairy Jamaluddin, youth chief extraordinaire, said last month “There is a limit to our patience” loudly to a boisterous crowd, he was angry but within the parameters. His anger you see, is classier.

Isma on the other hand is too angry. No one is regulating the steroids.

Personally, I want to know. When did the Malays of Malaysia decide that the only messages they would listen to are those made by angry men filled with vitriol?

Why not try love, man.

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“Christmas is also the loneliest time o

“Christmas is also the loneliest time of the year. In the way Ibrahim fired salvo after salvo at the 25 ex-senior civil servants, on the face of it, it looks like he is upset.

But maybe he’d just trying to reach out, telling us he also needs friends, prominent friends. He’s reaching out dammit!

Friends don’t have to be the same, they just have to respect each other and preferably be prominent. Can you this Christmas, as a gift, find Ibrahim Ali a prominent friend? My contact is listed here, do forward names or suggest in the comment space.

Between us I am sure we can find him good mates — who are also prominent!”

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To begin with he’s never worked in Asia.

To begin with he’s never worked in Asia. If learning the nuances of Asia is critical when in charge of tens of thousands of Asians, multiply that with the length of the KLIA runway to begin understanding the dysfunctional nature of Malaysian business.

And now he will seek to discipline Malaysians in senior positions, pacify unions paranoid over the impending retraining before retrenchment, vendors with political connections, deal with Malaysian Airports that is not used to swimming in a Bavarian lake of efficiency and liaise with a MCA minister while smiling with the prime minister who will get endless calls from Umno MPs over the German guy who says a guttural no with an air of finality.

If Malaysians from AirAsia couldn’t wrap around MAS, a man never to have faced Malaysian bureaucracy is going to end up catatonic by around Christmas next year.


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Debate format: Don’t really mind, but I

Debate format: Don’t really mind, but I do hope we have name tags — laminated and with pictures.

Venue: There is a balairaya (community hall) in Hulu Langat. I’ll come clean. It’s dirt cheap.

Audience: Yes, please. Even Umno Youth guys always game to threaten burning buildings down are welcome. But not the balairaya please, I’ll want my RM50 clean-up deposit back. Not me please, I like to be alive when collecting the deposit.

Moderator: Aaron Aziz. I want Khairy to get jealous.

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