To begin with he’s never worked in Asia.

To begin with he’s never worked in Asia. If learning the nuances of Asia is critical when in charge of tens of thousands of Asians, multiply that with the length of the KLIA runway to begin understanding the dysfunctional nature of Malaysian business.

And now he will seek to discipline Malaysians in senior positions, pacify unions paranoid over the impending retraining before retrenchment, vendors with political connections, deal with Malaysian Airports that is not used to swimming in a Bavarian lake of efficiency and liaise with a MCA minister while smiling with the prime minister who will get endless calls from Umno MPs over the German guy who says a guttural no with an air of finality.

If Malaysians from AirAsia couldn’t wrap around MAS, a man never to have faced Malaysian bureaucracy is going to end up catatonic by around Christmas next year.


My column in the @themmailonline

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