Pots and kettles come to mind. Umno lead

Pots and kettles come to mind.

Umno leaders live on anger, their members are year-long almost intravenously fed a siege mentally of being under threat from all over by forces seen and unseen. One day someone is going to overdose at their annual assembly and the physician attending will sign off “Organs overwhelmed by rage.”

So it seems Umno is advocating a rage meter, an acceptable rate of anger. So when Khairy Jamaluddin, youth chief extraordinaire, said last month “There is a limit to our patience” loudly to a boisterous crowd, he was angry but within the parameters. His anger you see, is classier.

Isma on the other hand is too angry. No one is regulating the steroids.

Personally, I want to know. When did the Malays of Malaysia decide that the only messages they would listen to are those made by angry men filled with vitriol?

Why not try love, man.

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