Just where the buses stop in Alangudi

DEC 30 — My uncle talks about forks on the road of his life — and how he taken more than a few wrong turns.

My brother brings back the stories. He’s not an uncle as much as a cousin to my mom, but since she grew up in the home his father, her uncle built, talking about Alangudi in the Sivaganga District would be wrong if not taking in local ways. Continue reading “Just where the buses stop in Alangudi”

A doubtful case, yes, its unoriginal

DEC 23 – It had to happen.

Standing beside the an electronics store staring at rows of television set showing Thor destroying a bridge to his world. Somehow, in an empty mall, it was me and this other dude, with sponge and glass cleaner in hand.

I don’t know where he’ll be tonight, both the cleaner and Thor, but I wager all of us fictional and otherwise will be thinking about the worlds we belong to and want to belong to tonight.

It’s that old chestnut. Year end.

Met two old friends these past days.

My old debate team mate was in town. Teh Tariks and roti canais set the scene as we chatted about the old — us getting wet in Ireland daily as Christmas weather can be trying — and the new, on her settling her children at school and uni, while selling the family home in Seremban, the theme resurfaced. Continue reading “A doubtful case, yes, its unoriginal”

What do Malays want?

DECEMBER 1 — It haunts me at night. This prized question.

The last general election — on May 5, 2013 — was alleged as proof of insatiable Chinese community gone amok, but the aspersion was never directed at the dwindling race. It was to the Malays, to suggest, “Hey look, look what they Chinese have done. We are next.”

It was about inflating the bogeyman as a large menacing Zeppelin hovering over the population’s soon to implode sanity, and in reaction hope they ignore a shocking electoral process and result. It worked.

Continue reading “What do Malays want?”