Screw history, selfies are forever

No-care - Mahathir
Actually, the real action was on five metres left of this shot. (Candidates for the Langkawi parliamentary contest, at the Langkawi Land and District Office, April 28, 2018)

It was quite the moment.

Its actor were slated to appear on a makeshift stage, just outside the front gate of the government building.

For hours, both local and international news agencies were on ready mode, waiting to capture the impossible, and then rushed to news-desks around the world. An ex-prime minister, returns to a prized island built on patronage, to contest its parliamentary race as presumptive leader of the main opposition Pakatan Harapan. The pixmen were on edge, as it is the nightmare scenario for visual artists, to miss that second which matters. Continue reading “Screw history, selfies are forever”

Ten things to learn from GE14 Nomination Day

All eyes on the PM candidate from Pakatan, and ex PM Mahathir Mohamad as he exits the nomination centre at the Langkawi Land and District Office, midday.

1.Old ways return

Nomination Day returns to days of old, when significant advantages are won by the ruling coalition, when non-BN candidates are rejected or disqualified.

2. Pakatan calons slip

Regardless of silly candidate nomination rules, candidates have all the information necessary to ensure they meet them and therefore have to be diligent, because it’s the rules for now. Continue reading “Ten things to learn from GE14 Nomination Day”

Will Mahathir Be Cursed In The Island He Made?

Mahathir is ready for Langkawi, is the island going to reciprocate.

It’s been seven hours since arriving in Langkawi, but the best conversation I’ve had so far was with my Grab driver to KLIA2.

We vote in the same parliamentary seat, the hail ride contractor. She said many of her friends are inclined to Pakatan Harapan, and then segued into her area was a PAS-stronghold. Which led to the obvious question. Continue reading “Will Mahathir Be Cursed In The Island He Made?”

Musings on an election lacking class

The old neighbourhood, mall-land!

Yao Cheng drives at night. He drives during the day too.

His salary as a lorry driver is abysmal, so he supplements with evenings as a Grab driver. For he has a hire purchase in Kajang Perdana, and his father lives with him. All of them, are from Sri Sabah flats, which is at 2.5 mile Cheras Road.

He rather live closer to his old hood, but the prices of homes in the city bar him from that preference.

Both my parents have links to the city hall working quarters a km from Sri Sabah, where he grew up in, and I feel for him. The old quarters have been demolished since but the memories linger. Continue reading “Musings on an election lacking class”

Thoughts from Dusun Tua, from a balcony

I’m on a hillside building balcony. And it is past midnight.

Fifteen years ago, the conversation was about this building collapsing.

Tonight, here we are looking at the Segar Hills which leads to Pandan, and the police camp, where they train the riot police for “untoward actions on election day”. Of course, untoward actions are only the domain of one faction but not the other. Welcome to Malaysia, where things are about the lens you use to look at it. Continue reading “Thoughts from Dusun Tua, from a balcony”

PACA this, PACA that, go get that seat!

Voters in Kuala Kangsar.

For a long time, it was impossible to beat Barisan Nasional (BN) in the state of Johor.

It was, if you ask some, because Umno was founded in the state therefore it is impregnable there.

Others would say, because it is the last state to fall under white rule (1914), and a such had a stronger sense of Malay nationalism and even the non-Malays accept this paradigm, it organically shaped as an Umno vote bank.

And some claim, it’s down to the lack of PACAs. Continue reading “PACA this, PACA that, go get that seat!”

Keep All Eyes On The Trophy

The real prize, to get 120 (majority of 18) in the lower house, Dewan Rakyat.

Don’t vote for BN, they are bad for the country.

The argument “better the devil you know” has been stretched to a sad, sad place. If there was no oil economy, from the seventies, we would be in some serious trouble.

So yes, of course I blame Mahathir, but I am stuck with asking what is the one thing which has to happen in order for us to walk in the right direction.

It begins with not being under BN. Continue reading “Keep All Eyes On The Trophy”