Count the Najibs, election game

I’ll be there!

I was not sure what was playing in the car, so I clicked to Soundhound, the song identifier App.

Nothing more annoying than being unfamiliar with your own playlist. Embarrassing.

So far nothing out of the ordinary, other than my bruised ego. Until the homescreen of the APP flashed up. It had a BN ad playing. A full square of promises if I click on to the BN page.

I stood corrected on what is truly annoying.

But wait, it’s available advertising space, therefore Google and the Apps on its Playstore can put on anybody’s ads as long as they are paid. Fair, but it is unnerving, and did I say annoying?

For it was not the start or I suspect, the end, of BN ads onslaught. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, websites, online portals and yeah, apps, wherever you click, BN shows up. With less than three weeks to voting day (May 9, 2018), I expect them to ratchet up the ad rush a few miles beyond the stratospheres.

Vulcans, beware!

If the young were assuming they’d be away from our elections by getting on Mobile Legends, I fear they are in for a shock.

What to do then?

Nothing really. Get desensitised over time, I suppose. And remember, they’re ads, exaggerations, as all ads go.

Drive homes can be fun

Previously, I’d spare a few seconds driving near PWTC in the evening to have a look at what’s flashing on its walls. Fair chance, Najib, with sidekick KL’s boss Tengku Adnan.

Now, in this election campaign period, he’s everywhere, north, south, east, west, past the last ship waiting to unload in Port Klang. They are pulling all the stops to be noticed. If you missed them in their regular propaganda broadcast on national TV, disguised as prime time news, looking at you Bulletin TV3, they’d catch you on the drive home, don’t worry.

I count the number of times I see BN and Najib in any journey home.

I got seven driving from city centre to Cheras last Thursday, which means there were about 15 BN posters, billboards or electronic displays along the way. I’ve worked it out, for every two BN propaganda they’d be one with the prime minister on it.

Allowing me to tweet: “Drive home from city, 5 Najibs spotted. #RespectmyPM”

Showing in cinemas, already?

Suffice to say, Robert Downey Jr AKA Iron Man is just Alumnium Sheet Man when Najib is in town. The worldwide release of Avenger’s Infinity Wars is facing its stiffest competition in Malaysia courtesy of an election.

Better brace yourself for the oncoming ad hurricane. Though, I’m tempted to keep this thought to myself.

It may not have struck the BN team, that the disproportionate amount of presence in mainstream media and online, might eventually backfire.

Najib apologists have always defended the mainstream media overkill by retorting that the opposition parties have domination of online space. But with BN paying generously for an overwhelming presence in both worlds, suffocating Pakatan Harapan along the way, they are themselves painting a clearer David versus Goliath picture.

[For the younger set, think Hunger Games.]

With any minor video by Pakatan having that much more value because it’s from a slingshot. I’m going to end the analogy there.

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