Keep All Eyes On The Trophy

The real prize, to get 120 (majority of 18) in the lower house, Dewan Rakyat.

Don’t vote for BN, they are bad for the country.

The argument “better the devil you know” has been stretched to a sad, sad place. If there was no oil economy, from the seventies, we would be in some serious trouble.

So yes, of course I blame Mahathir, but I am stuck with asking what is the one thing which has to happen in order for us to walk in the right direction.

It begins with not being under BN.

I rather a change without Mahathir, but the choice of no change and being stuck with this government, is far worse. Far, far worse, that the two possibilities can’t be compared.

In a field hospital during battle, keeping the patient alive is far more important than the identity of the surgeon. And in instances, choosing which patient has chance to live, and which we shall let die.

I don’t intend to overplay the anecdote, but the key argument in a triage is not about consistency, but rather outcomes in a tough situation. And that’s when you realise, it is BN which puts us in these situations and expect us to bungle, with them being the first one to accuse the lack of consistency or ability or nobility.

They cherry pick, BN.

But in this insane political climate, is it possible for political parties opposing a Hydra to be battle-fit at anytime?


Greek- tian chua
Tian Chua for Batu!

I ask those looking on at the farce at PKR HQ to bear with them a few more days. I have a whole lot to say, but in battle perhaps it is better to look at the task at hand rather than the limitations of our leaders.

It is going to be a bit more ugly, and careers will be ruined. But there is an election to be won, and the prize is real. We are fifteen days from polling day.

The target is 120 parliamentary seats, and whatever is in the tank, we have to grab it and try a proper shake and then step on the pedal, like how any pilot of the Millennium Falcon would be expected.

Call friends, near and far.

Display your politics on your social media.

Share your passion with whoever willing to hear.

Admit to our shortcomings, but tell them surely only a fool welcomes the Death Star.

Let’s stumble as we must, but for bloody durian’s sake, give it a proper go.


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